Vision & Visage


Measuring your blinds is really easy with our simple measuring guides!


  • Use a metal tape measure.
  • Measure in millimetres (mm).
  • Measure width in 3 places and use the smallest width. Measure height at each end and use the smallest measurement. Accurate height measurement is crucial. Double-check your measurements.
  • Print this measuring worksheet and write measurements down as you measure each window - measuring worksheet click here. Then transfer to the ordering section on the website.
  • Allowances for brackets are made at the factory - you do not need to factor this in yourself.



Vision blinds are designed to be fitted inside the window frame

Decide if you want the blind to fit "inside" or "outside" the window frame (see sample images). Scan the window and check that no handles or objects will interfere with the operation of the blind. Generally, blinds are fitted inside the recess, unless there is not enough room. The depth required within the frame for visions is a minimum of 60mm. We do not recommend outside fit as there would be a large gap between the blind fabric and the wall. All visions are front rolled.


Choose your chain control side.

Usually, the most convenient side to get to.


  • Measure width first then drop (height) – see sample images.
    Measurements must be exact so take measurement in three places for the width (top, middle and bottom) and where there is a difference use the smallest measurement.
    Use two measurements for the height (one at each end) and where there is a difference use the smallest measurement.
  • For inside fit measure from one end of the inside of the recess to the other, and sam" inside window measurements ")
  • For outside fit measure from the outside edge of the frame on the left to the outside frame on the right. e for drop (see image)